Reach the audiences that matter most.

Who They Are


Use demographic targeting to confidently reach your audience across mobile, desktop and connected devices.

Age & Gender

Select an age range and gender to reach your buying target across platforms.


Target users’ geographical location at the country or city level, based on the Internet Protocol (IP) address of their current Spotify session. (DMA and zip code targeting also available in the US.) Leverage our footprint in 60 countries around the world.


Target users by language preference, specified by the user upon registration.

Behavioral Segments

Reach in-market purchase intenders and category enthusiasts across a variety of brand verticals. We’ve crafted a suite of behavioral segments by analyzing our users’ streaming habits on Spotify alongside their broader interests, lifestyle, and shopping behaviors, fueled by leading third-party data providers in select markets

What They're Listening To


Use content targeting to reach users with particular habits, mindsets, and tastes that align with your target persona.


Reach users who like to listen to music tailored to specific activities and moods. Target contextually relevant categories such as:






Kids & Family



How we do it:


Deliver your message immediately after a user has listened to a specific genre. Target genres that align with your brand persona such as:



Hip Hop


Contact your friends at Spotify for a full list of available playlist categories and genres.

When & How They're Listening

Deliver your message at the right time and on the right platform.


Our listeners are engaged from morning to night, not just during traditional peak hours. Reach your audience at the right time to suit your messaging or complement your broadcast buys.


Dynamically serve campaigns to users based on their active platform.

  • Spotify app platform including iPhone, iPad, Android (all devices), Desktop, Web Player, and PlayStation®
  • Mobile operating system including iOS, Android and Windows Phone
  • Mobile device manufacturer selecting from dozens of brands
  • Mobile carrier selecting from more than 200 mobile service providers across the globe

Retargeting & Sequential Messaging

Tell stories and re-engage:

  • Re-message users based on previous engagement or exposure across all Spotify app platforms.
  • Develop longer, sequential brand stories to drive awareness or action.