Branded Playlist

Build your brand’s presence on Spotify.


Brands are encouraged to participate in the Spotify experience by creating a Brand Profile and Branded Playlists.

Build brand loyalty by curating the perfect playlist and connect with your audience through the passion point of music. Branded Playlists include a customizable cover art image, playlist title, and playlist description.

Desktop, mobile, tablet.

Buy via direct sale.


Playlist Artwork

Image Dimensions 640x640
File Type JPEG
3rd Party Tags None
Animation None
File Size 100K

Playlist Title & Text

Playlist Title 40 characters max
Clickable Text 60 characters max
Clickable text is supported and can link to an external site.

Best Practices

  • Spotify is unable to verify Brand Profiles for alcoholic brands.
  • Each Brand Playlist must have a minimum of 20 songs.
  • There can only be one song per artist within the playlist.
  • If you have a reason to believe a specific artist may have an issue with your brand, please avoid having that artist on your Brand Playlist.
  • Keep your playlists editorial in nature; don’t try to make it a commercial for your product! Just like other Spotify users do, show the world what kind of music your brand likes to listen to.