Introducing: Sponsored Playlist

Introducing: Sponsored Playlist

Music listening has changed a lot over the years. We’ve moved past the album, the single, even the download. Now it’s all about the playlist. Spotify’s 400+ owned and operated playlists anchor the Spotify brand and experience. Our playlists span every genre, mood and moment, soundtracking the day for millions of people around the world. Playlists make every moment better, from commuting, to focusing, to working out, to gaming, to partying, to falling asleep.

Today we’re excited to announce that, for the first time ever, brands can sponsor Spotify’s owned and operated playlists to reach and engage target audiences through the passion point of music, during the moments that matter. Just a few weeks ago, Kia sponsored New Music Friday to introduce its NEW Kia Sportage. Through the sponsorship, Kia was able to promote their new Sportage to users as they discovered new music throughout the week. And so far, the results have been outstanding, both in terms of audience engagement and brand impact.

How does Sponsored Playlist work? It’s as easy as 1,2,3:

  1. Find the perfect playlist. Leverage Spotify’s deep music intelligence to find the perfect playlist that best matches your target audience and campaign objectives. Sponsor it for one week.
  2. Promote your playlist. We’ll work together to drive streams of your playlist during your sponsorship, through a combination of native promotion and brand marketing. And we’ll give you social tools so you can promote it, too.
  3. Unlock exclusive In-Playlist Media and native branding. Every listener tuning into your Sponsored Playlist will be immersed in your brand’s message, across audio, video, and display. We’ll work together to blow the doors off playlist usage during your sponsorship to amplify your brand messaging. Our exclusive In-Playlist Media package includes:

 – Premium native logo placement

– Ownership of the first ad break

– 100% display SOV

– Industry exclusivity

How can your brand rise above the noise and stand out with a Sponsored Playlist?

With Sponsored Playlist, it’s all about matching the playlist to your marketing goals. Think content plus context; the right message in the right moment. Cardio or Power Workout are perfect for a footwear brand expanding from lifestyle shoes to workout sneakers. A QSR adding breakfast to the menu? How about Morning Commute? An entertainment company with a summer blockbuster teeny-bopper flick? Teen Party, of course. You get the idea.

Our playlists already have a passionate, loyal fan base, that guarantee reach. Just check out our most popular playlists, available to sponsor now:

  • Today’s Top Hits: 8M Followers
  • Rap Caviar: 3M Followers
  • ElectroNOW: 2.5M Followers
  • Hot Country: 2.4M Followers

Ready to play?

Sponsored Playlist is now available in the US and is in beta in the UK. We’re excited to bring the product to other markets later this year. Reach out to your Spotify account director or contact us to set up your Sponsored Playlist. We’re open for business.