Spotify Ad Studio Expands to Australia

Our self-serve audio advertising platform is headed down under. We’re thrilled to announce the launch of Spotify Ad Studio in Australia, making it easier than ever to advertise on Spotify — with flexible budget options for businesses of all sizes.

Spotify Ad Studio’s World Tour
Spotify Ad Studio lets marketers create and manage audio campaigns in minutes on a simple, intuitive platform. Since launching in the US in 2017 and expanding our public beta to the UK and Canada, we’ve seen thousands of advertisers use Spotify Ad Studio to launch more than 8,000 campaigns.

Across the board we’ve seen strong results — as concert promoters, universities, local retailers and businesses of all kinds use the platform to reach the right people in the right moment. In Australia, we’ve been working with select partners to test the platform. Already, they’ve been impressed by Spotify Ad Studio’s easy interface, speedy ad creation, affordability and targeting features.

“If you want to reach the right audience, you need to follow them where they’re listening,” said Michael McGrady, Head of Digital Marketing at John Hughes Group, an auto retailer. “Radio is declining when it comes to reaching millennials, and streaming is on the rise.”

For labels and concert promoters, Spotify Ad Studio presents a particularly unique opportunity to reach a specific set of fans. “Ad Studio is so valuable for us as a way to promote our events or new singles to people who are actually listening to our artists’ music,” said Elinor Williams, Marketing Manager at TMRW Music.

Our Simple Self-Serve Platform
Even if you’ve never made an audio ad before, Spotify Ad Studio makes it easy — simply share a script, pick a background track, and then receive a fully-produced audio ad to review, complete with a recorded voiceover. We provide this production at no extra cost, but if you already have an audio ad, just upload it. From there, you can pick a target audience, set your budget and campaign dates, and track results. It’s really that easy for your message to be heard.

The Rise of Audio
Spotify Ad Studio lets advertisers tap into the unique power of audio. Thanks to streaming, people listen to Spotify throughout the day, across all devices — from phones and tablets to cars, smart TVs, smart speakers, gaming consoles and more. Multi-device listeners spend 2.5+ hours a day streaming* on Spotify, using music to soundtrack their lives wherever they are, in every moment.

For marketers, this means more chances to connect with your audience in relevant moments. Whether they’re commuting, working out, doing chores or just plain chilling, people use audio in screenless moments all day long. And even better, research shows that audio ads are uniquely memorable and impactful, driving ad recall by over +150%*.

Spotify Ad Studio is a simple and accessible way to reach the streaming generation on a platform designed specifically for them. Be heard — sign up on the Spotify Ad Studio website today to make your first ad. And stay tuned as we continue expanding this public beta to additional markets.

*Sources: First Party Data, Global, free users, based on daily content hours/daily active users; LeanLab, Spotify Database Analytics, Q1 2017