Snickers Found the Right Moment to Reach Hungry Listeners on Spotify

Snickers has spent years reminding the world that “you’re not you when you’re hungry,” and it’s tough to disagree. When people get hungry, they act differently. And when people act differently, they listen to different music, too.

That’s where Spotify comes in. Snickers had a hunch that when people get hungry, they stream songs that don’t match the rest of their music taste. A hardcore grime fan listening to classic rock? Must be famished. A pop music fan switching to ambient instrumentals? Clearly needs a snack. Snickers teamed up with Spotify to identify these moments when a listener’s music taste shifted to the opposite of their usual preference. Then, of course, we reminded them to grab a Snickers.

This Hunger Spotter campaign tapped into Spotify’s unique streaming intelligence: our unique insight into our audience’s moods, mindsets, tastes and habits. By understanding people through music, we were able to group listeners who were fans of three popular and unmistakable genres: Grime, Pop and Rock. If a fan of one of these genres switched to a completely different style of music, we served an audio ad telling them: “You’re not you when you’re hungry.”

And since we knew exactly which style of music the listener truly loved, we gave them relevant ads that matched their favorite genre. For instance, Grime fans got a custom Grime track with lyrics that called out their listening switch, along with a link to a Grime-centric playlist so they could get back to the music they love.

After years of promoting their message on newsfeeds, TV screens and newspaper pages, this was the first time Snickers used an audio-only activation. Their efforts proved to be a success — in fact, the Hunger Spotter campaign just took home victories at the British Media Awards, Drum Marketing Awards, Digiday Media Awards and the IAB MIXX Awards.

By tapping into Spotify’s unique ability to understand listeners in real-time moments and personalize content based on music taste, Snickers was able to drive home their brand’s message in a new way with real impact, in a real-time context — because everybody’s got a hungry heart.