New Yorker: The List App

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The label NEW YORKER represents fashion and lifestyle for a young and trend-conscious target group. Spotify provides them with music for every moment of their lives. Together the brands created “The List", a series of live music events throughout Germany for a small and intimate audience. To give anyone the chance to take part in this event, the brands launched an app on Spotify to offer a digital experience: They encouraged anyone to add a song to a special “warm up playlist" for every concert with the chance to win a coveted entry to one of the live shows. Moreover all fans could tune in to a live stream of each concert on the NEW YORKER homepage and even win a reward for tuning in.


Establish a co-branded event series - presenting cool, upcoming, international artists in an intimate venue


A customised branded app on Spotify in which

  • Users could post their favorite song on a given topic to win a place on “The List” for a chance to attend the live Germany-wide concert series.
  • Other fans could watch the event through a live stream Homepage Takeover.
  • Everything in the App is based on lists:
    • The Watch List: For every upcoming event, Spotify and NewYorker will present a hot newcomer artist or an established band with fresh material that should be on everyone’s watch list.
    • The Guest List: Access to each show will only be granted to those happy people on our guest list.
    • The Play List: To secure a chance to be on our guest list, fans have to submit a song to a collaborative playlist focusing around the current artist.
    • The Want List: As we are planning a series of events, we are giving fans the opportunity to tell us who should be the next artists.


  • Up to 50,000 simultaneous live stream viewers
  • Live Events with Lukas Graham, Icona Pop, Disclosure and Madcon