Branded Moments: How Our New Solution Boosts Brand Affinity

Branded Moments: How Our New Solution Boosts Brand Affinity

Last fall, we introduced Branded Moments, a first-to-market native solution that leverages Spotify’s streaming intelligence to help brands reach their audience in real-time moments. We’re excited to share the first results from our pilot campaigns with Bacardi, Bose and Gatorade, which demonstrate that this premium video solution works—driving personal relevance, brand interest and purchase intent across the board.

Thanks to the ubiquity of audio, Spotify engages listeners in more relevant moments throughout their day than any other platform. People can’t actively scroll through their feeds while they workout, party, cook, or sleep, but they do soundtrack those moments with music.

For brands looking to be top of mind with their audience during these times, a solution like Branded Moments offers a unique opportunity to connect in a way that truly resonates. The ad experience rewards listeners with 30 minutes of uninterrupted listening in exchange for watching a short-form vertical video. After the listener completes the video, the brand owns the conversation with 100% SOV, building a rapport with their audience through a series of sequentially delivered Mobile Overlay ads.

In our pilot campaigns, each brand aligned with a moment that made sense for their target audience: Bacardi reached people listening to Party playlists, Bose reached listeners in the Chill moment, and Gatorade owned the Workout moment. Results from those campaigns showed significant lifts in brand affinity amongst each brand’s respective audience. Because the campaigns were specifically tailored to match the audience’s moment, they outperformed average campaigns on Spotify across key metrics, generating boosts in personal relevance, brand interest, and purchase intent.


  • Personal Relevance: 76% of the Branded Moments audience said the campaign was intended for people like them, a 22% lift compared to average Spotify campaigns.
  • Brand Interest: 52% said the campaign increased their interest in the brand, a 30% lift compared to average Spotify campaigns.
  • Purchase Intent: 61% said they were likely to buy the product, a 54% lift compared to average Spotify campaigns.

“Gatorade is constantly looking for new ways to engage and inspire athletes,” said Gatorade’s head of consumer engagement, Kenny Mitchell. “We believe Branded Moments is consistent with that part of our mission.” Listeners found Gatorade’s motivational message especially memorable, as their campaign drove a +132% lift in ad recall.

When listeners hear the right message in the right context, they remember. Branded Moments gives brands an essential tool to identify the moment that matters most to their audience—and be there with the right message. Reach out to your Spotify for Brands rep, or write to us at to find out how Branded Moments can help your brand be in the moment.

Click here to download our Branded Moments one-sheet (English) for more information.