Spotify at Advertising Week Europe: You Are What You Stream

Spotify at Advertising Week Europe: You Are What You Stream

Danielle Lee, Spotify’s VP of Partner Solutions, speaking at Advertising Week Europe 2017.

What do you listen to when you wake up? How about when you go to sleep?

Do you blast the new Lorde jam while you work out? Or do you secretly need an ’80s power anthem to pump you up?

What are you listening to right now?

No matter how you listen, one thing is for sure: you are what you stream, in every moment of every day. On social media platforms, we filter our lives, curating a public profile for our friends to see. Streaming music, on the other hand, is a mirror—a unique reflection of who we are, what we’re doing and how we’re feeling in any given moment. For marketers, that means there is an opportunity to understand your audience better than ever before.

At Advertising Week Europe, Spotify’s VP of Partner Solutions, Danielle Lee, explained how streaming reveals who we are. (She’ll bring these insights to the Forrester Consumer Marketing Forum in New York on April 6.) Scientific research has shown that music has a singular impact on our brains, emotions and identities. This unique power is best explained by cognitive neuroscientist Amy Belfi, who has found a “really strong emotional connection between music and the experiences we’ve had” in our lives.

Music and Emotion: The Power of Audio from Spotify for Brands on Vimeo.

Because music has this unique power, and because more people are streaming on more devices than ever before, we’re now able to learn more about people. Spotify listeners are a 100% logged-in audience with a persistent identity across devices, which means we’re able to uncover rich insights about streaming habits with confidence for 100M music fans around the world. This provides marketers with new and valuable Streaming Intelligence: human insights that go beyond demographics to reveal the people behind the devices.

We’re just beginning to find out what this Streaming Intelligence can reveal, and ultimately predict, about people—from personality traits to offline purchase behavior. For marketers, this will present a remarkable new set of insights to make sure your messaging meets your audience in the right context. And as we dig deeper into these insights, there will be more opportunities than ever to create a truly personal ad experience for every unique listener.

For more on Streaming Intelligence, check out Danielle Lee’s upcoming presentation at the Forrester Consumer Marketing Forum in New York on April 6. And make sure to follow Spotify for Brands as we continue to reveal our latest research findings.


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