Introducing Branded Moments

Today we are launching our newest native ad experience, Branded Moments, a first-to-market ad solution enabling brands to engage their audience in real-time moments. Now in beta.

For the streaming generation, waking up each day with the all the world’s music at your fingertips is the new norm. Spotify has become a life-curation tool, enhancing daily activities like commuting or working out, social occasions like partying and gaming, or major milestones like birthdays or weddings.

We now have over 100 million users spending more than 2 hours per day on our platform and our users are listening to over 2 billion playlists (and counting) to soundtrack these everyday moments.

And now, for the first time ever, marketers can brand these moments.


Finding the right moment for your brand.
Branded Moments enables marketers to tell their story to the right people, in the right moment, right when the moment starts. Leveraging our unique data and insights, we can identify — in real-time — what a listener is doing, and give brands an opportunity to own that moment and bring value to their customer that is timely and relevant.

To start, we will be opening up six of our most highly scaled moments including Chill, Dinner, Focus, Party, Sleep, and Workout, so brands have the opportunity to reach listeners in all aspects of their day.


Spotify is the preeminent moments platform.
No other platform can understand and identify the real-time context of their users like Spotify can. We can reach people at the beginning of the moment, and engage them throughout the moment. That’s what sets us apart from other moments-based ad products.

With Branded Moments you own the conversation.

  • Reach your audience at the moment of highest relevance.
  • Bring your brand to life with an immersive vertical video.
  • Build brand love by unlocking 30 minutes of uninterrupted music.
  • Tell your brand’s story with 100% SOV over a series of sequential mobile display ads.

See how it works.


Get started today.
Branded Moments is officially launching in beta this week with select launch partners including Gatorade, Bacardi, and Bose, and we plan on launching in select additional markets in early 2017. Please reach out to your local sales team or email to learn more.