Spotify at Advertising Week: Uncovering the Human Element

Spotify at Advertising Week: Uncovering the Human Element

For the first year ever, Spotify is an official partner at Advertising Week New York, which means more storytelling and our biggest party yet with performances by DNCE and De La Soul. Check out what we have planned here, and read on to see what we’re talking about throughout the week.

Today, there are over 734 million connected devices within US homes, roughly two devices for each person. This constant connectivity produces tons of data, and we repackage and repurpose that data to make our lives better, easier, and smarter. Data is what helps us find the closest place to eat, the fastest route to work, or a brand new album we have yet to discover. This is why we’ve become so attached to our devices – we feel like they just get us.

But as data becomes more sophisticated, and our favorite apps feel more like artificial intelligence, what happens to that personal connection? Is there a point when automation feels more creepy than convenient?

At Spotify, we are always looking for the balance between technology and the human element to make our experience feel smart, intuitive, but also extremely personal. And this year, at Advertising Week New York, we will be examining this dichotomy in both music and marketing.


“Moneyball-ing” the music industry

Data has become a core part of the Spotify product, from features like Discover Weekly, to experiences like Year in Music.

But data has also become a core part of our offering to artists. Spotify Fan Insights, a service we launched last year, gives artists insight into their current and future listeners around the world. It can help inform where they should tour, or even what single they should put out first. By being “smarter” in how they market and distribute music, artists can reach new heights, and find deeper connections with their fans.


Where we’ll be talking about this:

Is Automation the New Curation?

Monday, September 26th 5:00pm

Liberty Theater

Mark Williamson,  Head of Artist Services, Spotify

Joe Jonas,  Musician, Founding Member of DNCE


Human-Centered Marketing

Advertising is more targeted and personalized than ever before because of behavioral data. However, cookies rarely paint an accurate portrayal of what a person is doing, because it lacks one key feature: context.

Spotify not only knows who you are through our first-party data, but also your context through playlist targeting capabilities. We know when people are working out, or making dinner, or even getting over a breakup, just by the music they listen to.

On social media we often show our best selves – our curated personas – but music is a proxy of what we are really doing or feeling at any given moment. And that unique insight gives brands the tools to create more meaningful marketing.


Where we’ll be talking about this:

Man vs. Machine: Putting Humanity Back into the Marketing Mix

Tuesday, September 27th 9:00am

Liberty Theater

Danielle Lee, Global Head of Partner Solutions, Spotify


Programmatic Storytelling

Programmatic has proven that it is here to stay, but because it is automated it often isn’t perceived as a vehicle for creativity. How can a campaign powered by a machine maintain the same quality of storytelling as traditional mediums?

We have found that as programmatic evolves, the advertising actually feels more human. Premium environments, cross-platform campaigns, and contextual targeting make it easier for brands to tell their story in a way that is relevant to their audience.


Where we’ll be talking about this:

The Art of Channel Surfing: Storytelling Across Mediums

Tuesday, September 27th 9:45am

ADARA Stage at Times Center Hall

Harry Patz, Chief Revenue Officer, Rubicon Project

Jana Jakovljevic,  Head of Programmatic Solutions, Spotify

Dorothée Bergin,  VP, Programmatic Partnerships, xAd


We believe in bringing the human element into everything we do – even automatic-reply emails. That’s why we’ve created a special Musical OOO just for Advertising Week. While you are at the conference, set your out of office email with a unique message and playlist inspired by New York.