Spotify’s PMP Offering Expands to Mobile Video and High-Impact Billboard

Spotify’s PMP Offering Expands to Mobile Video and High-Impact Billboard

At Spotify, we are always looking for ways to bring new and innovative solutions to our advertising partners. Today, we are excited to announce the addition of two new premium offerings to our programmatic suite.

First, our popular Sponsored Session mobile video experience is now available for real-time buying through invite-only, private marketplaces. Sponsored Session gives brands exclusive sponsorship of a 30-minute, ad-free session. Brands can offer their target audience 30 minutes of ad-free listening in exchange for a completed video view. We have seen great performance with Sponsored Session and we are excited to make it available through PMPs.




Second, our high impact IAB Billboard display format is now available exclusively through our programmatic channel. This unit is displayed front and center in the Spotify desktop app to maximize brand impact. The 970×250 unit is built for viewability and brands receive 100% share of voice in the Spotify desktop app. Age, Gender, Playlist and Genre targeting are also available.




As more brands work towards automating their buying across all formats, it’s important they can access premium, highly viewable ad inventory through automated channels. With today’s additions, Spotify’s PMPs offerings are now some of the most diverse and premium in the marketplace, expanding across mobile and desktop with display, video, and audio options. Here are some the key benefits:

  • Verified Audience: Reaching the right people, at the right time, with the right message is a powerful proposition. Spotify makes this possible with our 100% authenticated audience, cross-platform reach, and contextual targeting. We provide reliable first-party data that allows you to target your audience accurately.
  • Premium Environment: When you advertise on Spotify, we make sure that your creative shines without any compromises. Our ad experiences occupy a large canvas in the Spotify player, are well lit, and always above the fold. Ads are only served during regular breaks between 100% licensed music content so you can advertise on our platform worry-free.
  • Designed for Viewability: In a world of information overload, it’s hard for brands to cut through the noise to be seen (and heard!). That’s why we design all our ad experiences to be served only when the Spotify app – both desktop and mobile – is in focus, commanding people’s attention. It’s also why our ads outperform industry viewability benchmarks and exceed viewability guidelines, as set by the IAB and MRC.

Looking to get in the game with programmatic ad experiences on Spotify? Drop us a line or connect directly with your Spotify for Brands rep to learn more about our offerings and how to get started.