Make your Out-of-Office sing with the Musical OOO

Make your Out-of-Office sing with the Musical OOO

Anytime you’re about to travel, there’s a lot to think about: finishing your work, packing, getting to the airport on time. And on top of it all, you have to draft your out-of-office reply email: a seemingly simple task that somehow puts on the pressure. How do you make it friendly, professional, and clever all at the same time?

Spotify has a solution. Enter the Musical OOO, an Out-of-Office email builder that allows you to create custom messages with a twist. Just sync your account, enter where you are going, and select the purpose of your trip. Spotify will generate a unique playlist inspired by the music trending in that location. Heading to Tulum? Sample the beats of Beto Cuevas. Hopping over to Paris? Check out the latest from superstar Jul.

Once you have your playlist, simply enter a few details into an email template and then you’re ready to sign off before you jet off. Whenever your colleagues send you a note, they’ll receive a link to the playlist, and an opportunity to discover tunes and artists from around the world. The Musical OOO is ready for take off. Whether you’re taking a month-long vacation or just a long weekend, set up your automatic reply with Spotify. It won’t be the trip that makes your colleagues jealous, it will be the super-cool OOO message you’ll be sending them.

Going to Cannes Lions? We have a special Cannes Musical OOO generator just for you, featuring a unique Cannes playlist with music and artists headlining at the Spotify House and beyond. Make sure to schedule it before you head to the South of France.


The Musical OOO is built on the Spotify API, which brands like JetBlue, BMW, and Netflix, have used to create personalized, immersive experiences to reach their audience. If you need some inspiration for planning your next trip, check out JetBlue’s Destination Recommendation tool. Reach out to your Spotify account director or contact us to learn how you can build these experiences for your brand.