Introducing: Overlay and Audience Segments

Introducing: Overlay and Audience Segments

There has never been a better time for brands to take advantage of the power of Spotify’s advertising platform. Today, we are announcing two major updates: an all new, global mobile ad experience called Overlay Mobile, and a major expansion of Spotify’s targeting capabilities. Overlay Mobile works with our expanded targeting suite, giving brands a new way to reach the audiences that matter most on mobile.

Overlay Mobile – An All New Ad Experience

Starting today, Overlay, one of our most popular desktop ad formats, is now available on our iOS and Android apps. Overlay is the ‘welcome back’ ad on Spotify, served dynamically when users reopen our applications during highly engaged sessions, providing advertisers with 100% viewability and share of voice. The expansion of Overlay to mobile was driven out of user engagement, as 65% of FORD FUSION Overlay Visualour global streams are now mobile, and 80% of Spotify users listen multiple times per week. It’s rare that an ad product comes together with such mutual respect for the advertiser and the user; with Overlay, we feel we’ve succeeded in creating an experience that works for both.

On mobile, Overlay is big, bold and beautiful. It’s a full-screen display takeover with a native look and feel, welcoming the user back into Spotify. By bringing Overlay to mobile, and integrating it with our expanded targeting suite, we’re allowing brands to reach their desired audiences on mobile in real-time contexts. This is a global launch — advertisers around the world can take advantage of this all-new mobile format.

Spotify Targeting – Now With Audience Segments & More Playlist Targeting

Along with the launch of Overlay Mobile, we’re making a major upgrade to Spotify Targeting, our toolkit for brands to reach the Spotify audiences that matter most. For U.S. campaigns, we’re adding more than 100 interest-based audience segments including popular audiences such as Moviegoers, Car Buyers, Luxury Shoppers, and Sports Fans. Many of these segments, such as Fitness Enthusiasts and Parents, are enhanced with Spotify’s own first-party streaming data to boost accuracy and scale. We will look at rolling out audience segments for campaigns in other markets in 2016.

Second, we’re tripling the number of categories in our flagship Playlist Targeting suite, allowing brands to reach target audiences in unique, real-time contexts such as working out, partying or commuting. Now, brands have three times as many ways to reach Spotify audiences during life activities, major life moments, real-time mood states, and seasonal events. These additional Playlist Targeting categories are live in the U.S., and will be rolling out to other markets in 2016.

Overlay & Targeting: Better Together

Why are our Targeting updates timed with the launch of Overlay Mobile? Because with great power comes great responsibility. Introducing a ‘welcome back’ ad on mobile requires relevance to drive engagement. Since Overlay taps into all of our targeting tools, it can match users’ demographics, interests, and real-time contexts.

With Overlay and an expanded targeting suite, we feel we’re delivering a win-win-win for our users, brands and artists. Users win with a free music experience supported by increasingly relevant brand messages. Brands win with a new way to reach target audiences on mobile. And Artists win with new ad-supported revenue generated from streams on our expanding mobile free service.

How can advertisers harness these new products?

What this announcement all boils down to is relevance. Auto advertisers can target first-time auto intenders aged 18-34. A retail advertiser can find affluent millennials that are likely to buy clothes online monthly. A fast food company can serve an ad to frequent afternoon snackers.

The possibilities are endless:

  • By leveraging our full suite of targeting capabilities including audience segments and real-time playlist targeting, brands can reach the right audience confidently, and engage them in the right context.
  • Advertisers can interact with users through a respectful and highly targeted display ad experience across platforms, and know their ads are being seen.
  • Over time, we’ll help advertisers learn more about their target audiences – unlocking insights about their music tastes, platform behaviors, daily activities, and broader interests by leveraging our streaming intelligence.

To learn more reach out to your rep or contact us.