The New Audio: Reaching the Spotify Listener in Canada

It’s undeniable that the way people listen to music is changing, as streaming media is rapidly growing in terms of audience penetration and time spent listening. But how has listening behavior changed, and what does it mean for audio advertisers who are navigating this shifting landscape?

We started digging into this question last fall, teaming up with the leading research firm TNS Global to measure the reach and quality of Spotify’s free, ad-supported audience in Europe compared to traditional radio’s audience (you can download that study here).

This year, we’re excited to expand the scope of this research across the world, starting with the results for Canada. We recently surveyed over 1,000 music listeners in the Greater Toronto Area ages 15-65, and we found that Spotify is in a unique position to reach audience segments that are difficult to reach through commercial radio.

See the results in the infographic below:



We also found that:

  • Spotify users listen during a variety of activities like surfing the internet, relaxing, studying, exercising, and driving, while the vast majority of radio listeners tune in when they’re driving.
  • Spotify users are more likely to be social influencers and early adopters compared to traditional radio listeners.
  • Spotify listeners steadily grow through 10pm, while radio listeners peak during the morning and evening commute, making Spotify an ideal  compliment to a traditional radio spend.

This data set, though concentrated to the GTA, is representative of how Canada listens to music throughout the country. The results demonstrate why Spotify and radio are complementary media for audio advertisers.

“The TNS study reinforces that Spotify is a fantastic, cost-effective added reach compliment to radio campaigns,” says Jon Hales, the country manager for Spotify Canada. “The average Canadian spends 150 minutes a day with Spotify, allowing us to offer advertisers the ability to target multiple key moments throughout a user’s day.”

“This study is an amazing step to think of Radio 3.0, which I liken to the evolution from TV to video. Spotify is the new audio reality in media-sphere as it its growing beyond the early adopters,” says Terry Chang, the SVP Group Director at Starcom MediaVest Group. “Spotify should be embraced as an extension, and never as displacement in Radio 3.0 with an addressable overlay.”

“Finding younger audiences in a new and ever-diversifying landscape is a constant challenge for marketers,” says Devon McDonald, Chief Strategy Officer at Mindshare. “Research like this lets us think about them from the perspective of the medium of audio. Developing an audio strategy based on an understanding of how traditional and digital can work together to support a common goal is an incredible opportunity.”

A more extensive follow up study with expanded geographies will be available later this year. Spotify is committed to bringing digital audio to the forefront in Canada.

Want to learn more about Spotify’s free audience around the world? We’ll be sharing more results from The New Audio across North and South America soon. Stay tuned.