Meet Your Musical Soulmate With ‘Music Matchmaker’

Meet Your Musical Soulmate With ‘Music Matchmaker’

Music and Valentine’s Day go together like Beyonce and Jay-Z. From soundtracking a candlelit date night with a little “Pillow Talk” to crafting a musical valentine for your crush (kind of like the modern-day mixtape), people everywhere use music to set the mood. On Spotify, “Love” playlists (defined as playlists with top keywords including “like”, “you”, and “love”) climb from February 1 all the way through February 15. When we saw that, plus the fact that our audience has created over 40 million V-Day-themed playlists, we realized that romance was a key driver of music engagement.

But what if love songs could do more than soundtrack a night of romance? What if they could be the fuel that sparks a perfect match?

Enter Music Matchmaker. Based on your location, your favorite artists and the artists you’re not so into, Music Matchmaker is leading the media community on a journey that could end in friendship, a fling or maybe even more.

To access our musical cupid, go to and use the password valentine2016. Pick out the artists you love and the artists you don’t. Music Matchmaker will instantly generate a personalised playlist for you to jam out to. On February 12, you’ll be matched with men and women within and outside of your agency with your same taste in music.

What you do from there is up to you, but keep in mind that Music Matchmaker made some significant love connections for our 2,000-plus participants in Europe last year. So it’s worth reaching out to your music soulmate to see what else you might share in common. Spotify will even treat the top three matches to their first date, at a concert headlined by one of their favorite artists.

The Music Matchmaker was built using our Spotify API and is powered by the same kinds of data and insights that fuel the innovative experiences brands create for their audiences, like Netflix’s Sense8 Degrees of Music Separation, or BMW’s Great American Road Trips.

Whether you’re looking to Netflix and chill, or you’re just curious to see who else digs the new Sia album, Music Matchmaker is here for you. Give it a try, and let us know how it works out!

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