The Future of Entertainment in the Car

The Future of Entertainment in the Car

With over 2 million playlists dedicated to commuting, there’s no question that listening to Spotify in the car is an excellent opportunity for brands to ride shotgun.

According to McKinsey, the number of people who would switch car brands for better connected app options has nearly doubled in the last year. To that end, automakers are rushing to develop new in-dash apps, including email and social networking. But we often forget that the original in-dash app was music—a constant soundtrack to accompany the ride. Spotify’s rich user data empowers brands to connect with their most desired demographics in a way that radio never could. For example, we know that:

  • Pop music is the most popular genre for on-the-road listening (30%), followed by rap and indie rock.
  • Drivers tend to listen to the most music between 4-6p.m., finding an escape from rush-hour blues.
  • Most music listening happens on Tuesday and Wednesday, while weekends underindex in usage.

These numbers suggest that the typical Spotify in-the-car listener is a pop-loving commuter that drives to work every day. In-the-car listening also presents a unique opportunity for brands to engage consumers, given the numerous purchase decisions—from which brand of household items to fetch or what to eat for dinner—that occur along the way. But this is just one set of examples for how brands can take the lead with connected cars, remaining top of mind at the most opportune moments. Amid recent excitement over mobile devices like smartphones and wearables, we often forget that the modern car was, in fact, the original mobile device. With more connected cars on the road and more music-streaming consumers behind the wheel, the time has never been more exciting for brands to come along for the ride.

We’ll be discussing all of this and more at CES today, January 8 at 12 p.m. PST, during our panel Soundtrack Your Drive: The Future of Entertainment in the Car. The discussion will be moderated by Spotify’s Jonathan Tarlton (Business Development, Automotive) and feature Jim Buczkowski, Ford Motor Company’s Technical Fellow and Director of Electrical and Electronics Systems; Ty Roberts, Gracenote’s Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer; Scott Frank, Airbiquity’s SVP of Marketing Scott Frank; and Ronan McDonagh, Pioneer Europe’s General Manager of Car Multimedia Technology Planning.

Stop by our Spotify Experience at the C Space at Bristlecone Room 2 and 3 to join the conversation and get inspired.

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