Hello, private marketplaces. Spotify here.

Hello, private marketplaces. Spotify here.

We’re excited to share that Spotify’s Leaderboard display inventory is now available for real-time buying via invite-only, private marketplaces (PMPs). Our new PMPs for Leaderboard make it easier than ever for brands to reach our extraordinarily engaged, first-party-verified audience at scale. And we’re pumped to tell you about it.

Why offer Leaderboard through PMPs? For one, more and more of our clients are asking for it. Every day we hear from programmatic buying teams, both agency and client side, that there’s a scarcity of premium display formats designed to help brands, well, build brands. So we’re thrilled to partner with premium supply-side platforms to make Spotify Leaderboard available for real-time buying. Now, you can buy Spotify Leaderboard whenever it matches your campaign objectives or target audience.

But what makes our Leaderboard PMPs stand out from alternatives? From what our customers tell us, it comes down to these three reasons:

  • Our scaled, global desktop user audience
  • Our big, beautiful, premium desktop app experience
  • Our 100% registered, 100% authenticated user data

Let’s break these down a bit further.

Scaled, global desktop user audience

Some publishers have seen mobile eat desktop. Not so on Spotify. That’s because our millions of users around the world rely on Spotify as a 24-hour media companion to soundtrack their lives. So they love all our platforms, tuning to desktop for long sessions to discover the next hit, build playlists with friends, party all night, or work all day. We continue to see growth in our desktop streams, even alongside our mobile explosion and expansion to connected devices. With PMPs for Leaderboard, brands can reach our highly scaled, growing desktop audience to build buzz, break new products, and get messages out far and wide.




Big, beautiful, premium desktop app experience
Stretching across across our big, beautiful desktop app, Spotify Leaderboard provides a large, yet standard (728×90) canvas for your brand message. It leaps off the jet-black background to put your creative on center stage, as your target audience interacts with our brand-safe, 100% licensed content. You won’t find a fold, or any competing ads. And we only serve Leaderboard when we know the app is in view, and on top. That’s what drives our 90%+ percent viewability, as measured by Google ActiveView. It’s truly a premium environment for premium brands.


Screen Shot 2015-11-05 at 11.11.50 AM


100% registered, 100% authenticated user data
Spotify sits on an ocean of high-value, first-party data, culled from 25 billion hours of listening data by over 75 million logged-in users. All this data generates unique psychographic, contextual and behavioral insights including personal tastes and values, emotional states, daily habits, interests and more. We’ve packaged the best of this data into our PMPs for Leaderboard to help brands reach the Spotify audiences that matter most. Choose from declared Age & Gender packages, Playlist Targeting packages like Workout and Party, or real-time Genre Targeting packages like Pop or EDM.

Screen Shot 2015-11-05 at 10.00.43 AM

The best part? We’re just getting started with programmatic! Stay tuned to our blog for upcoming announcements. We can’t wait to tell you more about our plans.

Looking to get in the game with programmatic on Spotify? Get in touch with us here, or connect directly with your Spotify for Brands rep to learn more about our offering and how to get started.