Get your brand heard with a 60% lift in ad recall.

People around the world are now streaming Spotify on all of their digital devices for free, making Spotify audio ads an easy and effective platform for your brand to get its message heard by consumers anywhere they go.

Engaging through audio

Audio ads have been proven to be more informative than standard formats, allowing brands to communicate an engaging message through sound. Spotify’s immersive, uncluttered platform is especially effective. In a study of 36 Spotify audio campaigns across twelve different verticals, on average our audio ads drove a 60% lift in ad recall over industry benchmarks.

The emotional power of music

Music is personal and individual, and Spotify gives listeners the power to choose the music they want to hear, ensuring positive associations with the experience. Our audio ads play between songs, reaching a highly-engaged target. No other advertiser can interrupt users’ attention while you are communicating with your audience.

Spotify can help your brand paint a picture, evoke feelings, and amplify your brand image. With audio ads, you’re building an emotional connection, using the power of sound to create a unified brand voice across all platforms.

So what makes for an effective audio ad?

Over the years, we’ve learned a lot about how brands can create audio ads that really resonate with consumers. Download our Audio Best Practices Guide to learn how you can get your brand heard.