Real Views: Spotify’s High-Quality Video Environment

Video may have killed the radio star, but it gets along really well with streaming.

Our 170 million fans don’t just listen to the music they love — they also watch immersive, engaging videos that are a seamless part of our high-quality platform. That’s why we’ve made recent efforts to further evolve our video offering for marketers.

Introducing Six-Second Video
Our platform is built for the streaming generation and for today’s unique video challenges. We know that our fans soundtrack their lives, streaming on mobile devices throughout the day. We’re constantly working to make sure we meet the needs of our fans and partners, with relevant ad experiences that engage people in the right context while they are streaming. That’s why we launched short-form in April, giving marketers the chance to reach their audience with shorter messages built for today’s mobile-first landscape that truly drive impact. The industry agrees that these quick messages make a lasting impact — a recent Adweek report found that marketers view six-second ads as the most effective digital ad format.

Commitment to Measurement & Viewability
Even better: our high-quality environment is validated by our suite of measurement partners. Through partnerships with Oracle’s Moat and IAS, we’re measuring campaigns based on established industry standards and beating global benchmarks across the board.

Proven Brand Outcomes
What makes video ads so effective on Spotify? It’s our distinct combination of quality environment, highly viewable formats, and deep emotional engagement.

  • Quality in-app environment with premium content. We know your brand is a meaningful asset to protect. That’s why we’ve built a platform that fans, artists and brands can trust, with premium content — our robust catalog of 35 million songs, along with our enhanced playlists that feature exclusive videos. Plus, our audience is 100% logged in, providing a trusted environment for your ads to be seen.
  • Built for viewability and maximum impact. Our first-party dataset gives us a deep understanding of how people engage on Spotify. We use that real-time feedback in our ad decisioning to ensure video ads are delivered only when the app is actively being used and fully in view. And our ads always have 100% SOV, so you will never have to worry about your brand’s message getting lost in the clutter.
  • Emotional engagement. Music is inherently powerful — which translates to a more receptive audience for ads on Spotify. Our biometric research with Nielsen Consumer Neuroscience (measuring signals like heartbeats, sweat and goosebumps) showed that Spotify drives 14% higher emotional engagement for video ads than competitors.
  • Proven success when paired with audio formats. While standalone formats perform well, multimedia formats can drive even more impact on Spotify, reinforcing your message and driving brand interest.

Already, we’ve seen top brands use our engaging video formats to drive brand affinity and awareness through relevant, targeted messaging.

Wild Turkey used Sponsored Sessions to gift Spotify fans with 30 minutes of uninterrupted streaming in exchange for an attentive video view. The campaign was a massive success, driving a +367% lift in aided awareness and a +41% lift in consideration intent*.

Dunkin’ Donuts took advantage of a different format — Video Takeover — to show Spotify fans enticing visuals of its Cold Brew coffee on their desktop and mobile devices. Their campaign received over 4 million completed views, boosting ad recall by 65% and brand awareness by 25%*.

Impactful Creative Tools
We’re also giving brands more tools than ever to maximize their storytelling. With our varied creative lengths (6 seconds, 10 seconds, 30 seconds, etc.) brands have been leveraging short-form to seed, amplify and reinforce their messages in a dynamic way. And our vertical video option provides an opportunity to truly immerse your audience and make every pixel count, matching the look and feel of the intimate videos people are already capturing on their own phones.

With our brand-safe environment, performance-based products and impactful creative tools, video ads make your message even louder on Spotify. Get started today.

* Source: Nielsen Brand Effect, 2017