Understanding People Through Music: Millennial Edition

The Streaming Generation

Millennials are often referred to as the streaming generation — the first generation to grow up with the world’s full library of music, TV and movies at their fingertips, all at once.

Raised in a boom, millennials are optimistic, idealistic and believe their lives will go according to plan. As the the first fully digital generation, they ushered in dramatic changes to the way that media is consumed and technology is used. Steeped in a culture of discovery, engagement and sharing, along with mad tech skills, millennials have a voracious appetite for music, with music streaming as their #1 passion.

We’ve found that millennials on Spotify stream across devices for over 2 hours each day.1 They’re constantly using music to express themselves, define themselves, and to enhance or even change emotions that they’re feeling. And, they’re exploring more and more varied genres to cater to those different listening sessions and emotions.

We know that 72% of millennials globally stream music, and only 21% of them pay for that service. This means that there’s a huge opportunity for marketers to connect with millennials on a medium that they rely on and are constantly engaging with.

We also know that millennials around the globe are streaming throughout their day, on many different devices. They show the highest engagement for listening to audio on their smartphone, laptop and other mobile devices.2

  • 79% listen on smartphone
  • 48% listen on desktop
  • 21% listen on smart TV

The Opportunity

It’s clear that millennials soundtrack nearly every moment of their lives through streaming. So, how do marketers connect with this valuable audience?

In our new study, we spoke to over 7000 millennials to get the real story about how and why they’re streaming. We then paired that information with Spotify’s data, to see how those behaviors manifested on the platform. The result is a guide to millennial’s top seven streaming moments.

You can dive into our guide that focuses on millennials in the US, UK, and AU here.

For more information on how to reach millennials in your market, you can also reach out to your local sales reps here.

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