Welcome to the New Spotify for Brands. Dive In.

New Rules? New Slang? New Order? New Workout Plan? Nope. But we do have a new website.

Welcome to the revamped Spotify for Brands. It’s a sleeker, simpler platform for understanding how to partner with Spotify and get your message to the right people in the right moment.


As you explore the site, you’ll get a breakdown for who’s listening on Spotify and how to reach them, along with updates, insights, and surprise links to playlists. Here’s a peek at what you’ll find.


People put Spotify at the center of their lives, and the more they stream, the more we learn about them. With a hyper-engaged audience of 140M listeners streaming all day long across connected devices, we’re able to understand people (and culture) on a deeper level. On our Audiences page, we break down what our streaming intelligence can reveal about people across targetable segments, like millennials, mums, and more.

Ad Experiences

Innovation is in our DNA. Along with building a platform for streaming, we’re also building industry-leading formats to help brands reach the streaming generation with relevant messaging, in context. On our Ad Experiences page, you can explore our engaging ad formats and decide the best solution for your brand — whether it’s Sponsored Session, Branded Moments, Video Takeover, or a custom solution.Moments, Video Takeover, or a custom solution.


Spotify listeners are 100% logged-in across devices, making our ad environment a trusted and verified platform. When you advertise on Spotify, you know with confidence that real people saw and heard your message. Our Measurement page shows how we quantify your ad’s Reach, Resonance and Reaction using our first-party reporting and suite of measurement partnerships.

Insights and News

We’re always researching to understand our audience on a deeper level, and to stay in tune with the future of the advertising industry. On our Insights page, we’ll showcase our latest research findings about how people stream and what it means for brands. And on our News page, we’ll update you with our latest ad products, event appearances, and partnerships as they happen.

Sound good? Great. Time to dive in and explore the new Spotify for Brands. If you have any thoughts or questions, reach out to us here.