A Sneak Peek into Our Upcoming Millennials Study

We know that millennials in Australia are passionate about music. In fact, three in four 13-33-year-olds say music is part of how they define who they are.1

Our recent research with Y-Pulse also revealed that this passion extends to Spotify.2 Millennials named us their #1 streaming platform for their ability to discover new music and multi-device users also told us they stream for 2+ hours a day.3

And millennials aren’t just streaming more than previous generations — they are also streaming differently.

Millennials told us that they use music to soundtrack their lives and that they purposefully turn to music to lift their mood and help them discover new things about their personality.

Our upcoming May study unpacks what these means for marketers and how they can effectively tap into the opportunity to reach millennials on a platform they trust and use frequently.

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1, 2Spotify and Ypulse, A Day in the Life Survey 2017
3Spotify First-Party Data 2018